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Almond Credit Union e-Statement Service is a secure and convenient way to receive your Bank Statement online.

  • FAST

    You have instant access to all your bank statements as they become available online without receiving them in the mail.


    You can view, save, and print your statement up to 12 months at your convenience.


    No more statements lost in the mail. You are able to view your statements on your secure website.


    Help the environment by saving paper and reducing waste.

e-Statement Service Enrollment & Question

e-Statement can be enrolled through Almond Credit Union internet banking service. If you have any questions about e-Statement, please visit your nearest local branches or customer service 1-(765) 819-2154. (CA Customers, call 213-738-1100)

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For more information, please call customer service at (765) 819-2154 or contact us online.

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